Some observations and comments from those who have worked with Leadenhall Consultants:

Oliver Peterken
Non-Executive Director and Member, Audit Committee at Torus Insurance Holdings

Chris has a very effective combination of HR skills and business acumen. I first worked with Chris as a newly appointed Chief Risk Officer implementing a major change programme involving shifting cultural values across an organisation and senior level recruitment to upscale the risk team. I found Chris to be an imaginative head of the HR support function as well as a supportive colleague on the management executive. He is a very easy business partner to work with who focuses on delivering the results you need. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

SG, Fund Manager

Before I started working with Martin, I had stumbled in to a quagmire of destabilising professional events and felt that the outlook had become rather bleak.  Martin helped me to understand the issues, to develop some strategies to tackle them, successfully stabilising the situation and to re-build my self-confidence by thinking more about my own strengths and personality.  Martin also helped me to think more about my long term career and personal goals, always in a considered, candid and caring way.  I never felt as though I was being judged and certainly benefited from Martin's insightful advice borne of long experience at senior level in the same industry.  Money well spent.

Barbara Johnson, Formerly Head of Sales and Customer Service Training (Worldwide), British Airways

Laura and I worked closely in partnership shortly after she was appointed to the Board of Securicor Cellular Services. Her remit was to tackle the tough challenge of developing a new corporate culture that focussed on the Customer and to improve business results. Significantly, her vision and flair soon secured buy-in from the top of the organisation and energised the team of directors to demonstrate a completely new approach with a unique set of branded behaviours. The rest of the workforce then felt ‘released’ to join in. The new behaviours, along with sound systems and processes, had remarkable impact on the financial results. This acted as a template for other businesses in the Securicor Group to follow suit - a true example of translating vision into action.

Carole Barlow
Head of Talent Development, Aspen

I worked closely with Chris for over 3 years as a member of his HR leadership team and in partnership on a number of people development initiatives. Chris has a very authentic style of leadership; his genuine interest in the commercial success of a business and how strong leadership can get the best out of people, means he focuses his attention on the real value added activities that help drive successful individual and organisational performance.  Chris is astute in his observations of others and what makes then ‘tick’ making him an excellent assessor and coach. He is well liked and takes a genuine interest in people; coupled with his calm demeanour he is adept at getting the best out of others.

PW, VP Business Development, Sydney, Australia

I started my sessions with Martin at a time of considerable transition, both personally and professionally. Martin helped guide me successfully through this period, helping me identify the issues I was facing and exploring strategies for dealing with them, often allowing me to see the wood for the trees and always providing me a new way of looking at things. Martin's professionalism, strategic thinking and wealth of experience upon which to draw ensured that each session was productive, insightful and invaluable in my day-to-day work.

John Maxted
Founder and former Chief Executive of Digby Morgan (the leading HR recruitment firm in the UK)

I have known Chris for over ten years and while I was running Digby Morgan he became a significant client of my company.  I would rate Chris as one of the best HRDs who I have worked with over the years. He has a great background having built his career exclusively with blue-chip organisations where the HR functions were closely in touch with the business and well respected.  He is a proven leader with strong commercial acumen and the ability to influence at all levels.  He listens to people and in my opinion always exercises good judgement when making important decisions.  He is well known and respected within the City HR community with strong knowledge of and connections in the London insurance market. I was delighted to hear that Chris has launched Leadenhall Consulting which I’m sure will really fly.   He has tremendous experience to draw upon and his approachable and pragmatic style make him well suited to leading a serious consulting business.

DH, ex professional Rugby Player and Business Development Consultant, London

Six months does not seem a long time; but by finding out a bit more about myself and my goals, with Martin’s help I have left a frustrating and unrewarding career with little time for my family. I now run two businesses of my own and take my kids to school a couple of times a week. During my sessions with Martin I found out what I really wanted and he gave me the confidence to have a go.

Justin Lee
Underwriter, formerly Aspen and Sagicor

I have known Chris for several years but it was only when I was made redundant that I became a client of Chris.  He was vital in guiding me through my redundancy as well as coaching me through my journey to find my working identity.  His experience and knowledge really helped with the practical but it was his softer skills, his patience and his ability to listen and understand my issues that really aided me through what was a difficult period in my career.  I am truly appreciative of everything he has done for me and I highly recommend him.

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