Our Services

Leadenhall Building

We are organised into three practice areas: Coaching, Consulting and Executive Assessment & Development. 

Our services are described in detail by clicking on the buttons on the left.  However, all our practices are characterised by a distinctive Leadenhall Consulting approach.

  • We are firm believers in the potent combination of ‘heart’ and ‘head’.   We do not believe that statistics can substitute for good judgement but we do believe that ‘gut feel’ and intuition are best combined with information and data from well-researched instruments or thoughtfully collected feedback.
  • We bring practical experience from our careers.  We have worked at board level, know what is required to succeed at senior levels within organisations and we do the work ourselves.  We do not delegate to more junior staff.
  • We bring innovation and fresh thinking.  We tend to look at issues through a different lens and we tailor solutions to our client’s needs.
  • All of our team, including our associates, are qualified coaches and bring this experience into the work that they deliver.
  • We have a transparent, clear and fair approach to pricing with no hidden extras.
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