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The Leadenhall Consulting Methodology

At Leadenhall Consulting, we believe that in order to ensure success, it is essential that there is a ‘meeting of minds’ between all parties before a piece of work is undertaken. This may seem obvious; however, history shows that where initiatives have failed, the seeds of disappointment were sown early in the process.

We will work with you to understand your requirements and to identify what is right for your organisation, whether the focus is people strategy, coaching key executives, identifying and developing leadership capability, mentoring high potentials, facilitating Masterclasses, improving employee engagement or generally optimising performance.

We tailor our services to meet your needs. We look for what works, not for what ticks boxes.

Our methodology is to ensure that all stakeholders are involved and committed to a project from the drawing board to completion, giving collective visibility to the progress and enduring impact of the joint venture.   In summary:  We listen to you to understand how you work and what you are seeking to achieve; we agree with you the type of intervention that is likely to be most effective; we design an approach that stakeholders can embrace and which represents good value; we deliver the agreed initiative in an engaging and timely way; we embed the initiative with you through focussed participation and engagement and we review and vigorously evaluate the initiative to ensure that objectives have been met and a return on investment achieved.

Success for our client will be concrete evidence that the intervention has been successful and that the desired change has been delivered and embedded effectively and efficiently.

Success for Leadenhall Consulting will be an invitation back in the future to partner on another discrete project.


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