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Leadenhall Consulting organises events on a regular basis to highlight strategic issues that affect our clients and the industries in which we operate.  We invite speakers to our events that have something interesting to say and have an ability to convey their ideas in an engaging way. 

Whether a Breakfast Briefing, a Conference or an HR Directors dinner, we love to create opportunities for people to share ideas, network and develop new thoughts.   In our business, ideas play a major part in helping our clients to be successful and in the City, relationships and opportunities to meet and share knowledge and views remain an important part of how business is conducted.

We encourage our clients and contacts to ‘get out more’.  There is always the temptation to be inward looking and focused on the present.  We offer people the opportunity to look outside of their business for new ideas and thoughts which will influence their future success.  We like to think we provide a marketplace for ideas.

Upcoming events can be viewed by clicking the ‘Breakfast Briefings’ or ‘Conferences’ buttons.

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