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Put simply, our consulting practice embraces people and processes and is both internal and external in its focus.  We believe that people are at the heart of an organisation and it is their attitude, beliefs and behaviours that drive performance and influence customer and stakeholder perception of the firm, which in turn impacts business results.

Our work in the consulting arena covers four main areas:  People, Customer Service, Operations and Investment Process.  Our interventions include post merger/acquisition culture change and cultural integration; the refinement and development of people strategies; managing change; reviewing and improving the effectiveness of teams; attracting and retaining talent; managing performance effectively; enhancing customer service; process effectiveness and efficiency, including investment processes, to name but a few.

We work in partnership with our clients to optimise performance, diagnose and solve problems and address a wide range of challenges.  All of our solutions are tailor made for individual clients and are designed specifically to work within the context and culture of our clients’ organisations.

At the initial consultation phase we listen carefully to what our clients want to achieve and agree a proposal that is clear and measurable and which outlines the desired results.  We then agree a fixed fee for the work and deliver against the specification.  The consultants you meet in the diagnosis and planning stages will be the people who actually do the work.  We do not hand off work to less experienced colleagues.

Our consultants are experienced executives who have operated at board level within the City and across a number of other sectors. They have also operated as consultants both within organisations and as independents and have a strong, pragmatic focus on delivering results.

We can work on a retained basis providing ongoing support to organisations in areas such as HR management, talent development and managing performance, at a frequency as required by our clients.

We have had the privilege of working on a consulting basis with firms in the Insurance and Asset management sector as well as from the public sector.

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