Geraldine Stewart

Geraldine Stewart

Geraldine Stewart, a qualified accountant by training, found out early in her career that her true calling was equity research.   Firms that she has worked for include Harvard Securities, NM Schroder and Fidelity Investments.

As an Equity Analyst she personally visited hundreds of businesses (from car dealerships in Northern England to Mines in Australia), built complex financial models and met with numerous CEOs, executive teams and division heads in pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the industries and stocks she covered.  As Director of European Equity Research, the largest ‘buy-side’ equity research team outside the US, Geraldine thrived on a policy of common sense and a few very basic rules. 

She led and mentored analysts and associates of many nationalities, from the top business schools and universities around the world, to provide research for Fidelity’s institutional and retail fund managers and their clients worldwide.  She now brings that experience to her coaching work.

Geraldine brings her strong business background (strategic, financial, operational and transformational leadership), an intuitive coaching style and her accredited training as a Business & Executive Coach to her coaching presence. There she expertly deploys her resources in the service of her clients.

Geraldine has studied for an ICF accredited Diploma in Executive and Business Coaching, from Coaching Development.
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