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‘We formed this company to provide a platform for us to do our very best work. It is neither a hobby nor a job for us. It is the culmination of our working lives. We love what we do, care about helping our clients and use all our experience to provide excellent results in whatever we are asked to do. Simple as that.’

Chris Woodman, Managing Director, Leadenhall Consulting

About Leadenhall Consulting

Leadenhall Consulting was founded in 2011 to provide high quality HR & Business Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring and Learning & Development services to firms in the City of London.

Proving the point that ideas do not have to come out of the latest management book, we looked to Aristotle and his concept of Telos, as we articulated our purpose. Telos is the ultimate aim or object of something – its highest ethical purpose.  Our Telos is to work with clients, individuals and organisations, to understand their own Telos and to help them to achieve it more effectively and efficiently.

Leadenhall Consulting

Leadenhall and the City

The City has been a market place for two thousand years.  Indeed, the present day Leadenhall Market is built on the site of the original London Roman Forum, a place for commerce and trading.

Above all else, markets are about people and Leadenhall Consulting is dedicated to working with businesses and their valued talent in the modern City.  Whether you are an Insurance/Reinsurance company, an Asset Management firm, a Bank or one of the many firms and partnerships that support them, we can help you enhance the effectiveness of your people and improve your bottom line results. 

Our Clients

Since its formation Leadenhall Consulting has worked with insurers, brokers, fund managers, a high profile public sector agency, a charity, consultancies, law firms and market agencies on a range of services from major culture change projects, coaching of teams and individuals and assessing and developing talent.  Although our focus is on financial services and professional firms in the City we have enjoyed working with clients throughout the UK, internationally and in the private, public and not for profit sectors.  All of our clients share our passion for people, performance and results.

Giving something back

We believe strongly that business should play a part in the community and in addition to providing pro bono coaching, Leadenhall Consulting is proud to donate 1% of annual profits to charity. The organisation that we support is St Mungo’s Broadway which helps homeless people in the City of London.

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